Terms of Service

As a subscribed member of the Marti Community, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms, you must unsubscribe from the Marti Community.

Billing. Your membership subscription will be billed automatically every year to the credit card associated with your account. You may cancel at any time, and you can retain access to your membership until the end of your current billing period. After that, your membership will be terminated. We use Stripe for secure payment processing. Your credit card info goes directly to them, and we only see the last four digits and the brand for identification purposes.

API Usage. Makisu bundles API access to SaaS services that it subscribes to. The APIs that Makisu provides for its members are subject to change over time. APIs that are currently offered may not be offerings in the future, and new APIs may replace the current offerings. Usage of these APIs may be subject to additional usage-based fees.

Stripe. Makisu.co LLC ("Makisu") takes a 1.1% + $0.15 fee on every successful Stripe charge as a licensing fee on any of its members' SaaS products hosted on Makisu's Stripe account.

No Warranties. This service is provided "as is" without any warranty. Service may be interrupted at any time.

API Usage. Your service may be stopped if you are found to be using it for unlawful or unintended activities.

Data Privacy. You acknowledge and agree that communications within the Marti Community contains personal information, in collecting, holding and processing that information through the Marti Community, we are acting as your agent for the purposes of the Data Privacy Act of 2000 and any other applicable privacy law. You must obtain all necessary consents from the relevant individual to enable us to collect, use, hold and process that information in accordance with these Terms of Service.